How do I choose the right WendyLett Sheet? Your simple six step guide

WendyLett in-bed management sheets offer an easy-to-use system of slide and draw sheets that work in combination. Direct Healthcare Group have now produced a simple six step guide that will help you to select the correct sheet or sheets for your requirements. Set out below is a step by step summary and you can see the full guide here.

Step 1. Evaluate the Functional Independence Measure (FIM)
The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) is a clinician reported assessment tool that evaluates the functional status of patients throughout the rehabilitation process. It gauges how well they can carry out basic daily living activities and how dependent they will be on help from others. Each of the 18 items are graded on a scale of 1-7, so you need first of all to ascertain the level of independence. An FIM table appears in the guide.

Step 2. Choose the correct sliding zone on the sheet depending on user function
Do you want the sliding zone to be from shoulder to hip, head to hip or head to foot?

Step 3. Measure the bed width to choose the correct sliding sheet.
There is no recommended mattress width, but the mattress dimensions are important for optimising the sliding surface of the sheet.

Step 4. Choose the required features
Is Incontinence protection required with a washable incontinence sheet on top of an ordinary sheet, either with or without a sliding surface on the bottom? Does the sheet require handles for easier positioning or connection to a lift? Do you need a sliding base sheet with all-round elastic to fit over the mattress?

Step 5. Select the correct combinations of sliding sheet and sliding draw sheet
The sliding sheet has satin for the centre section and non-slip material for the side sections. When using a sliding sheet in combination with a sliding draw sheet, both sheets have sliding surfaceson the bottom and the top.

Step 6 choose the right sheet or combination for the job
For patients able to turn over on their own, often just a sliding sheet will do. A sliding sheet and a sliding draw sheet are used when the user is passive, heavy or needs more intensive care. This combination is often used with a lift, during personal hygiene and when attaching a sling.

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